Complete Storm Repairs

Many people don’t realise their roofs have damage from a preexisting storm that would allow them to make a claim and get a new roof put on. We take the guess work out for you by climbing up there and documenting what we find for the claim. Not to mention the extra items that get damaged and need to be repaired. We ensure noting gets missed for you.

Then to SAVE you the STRESS and Time we can manage the Claim on your behalf to ensure the claim is processed properly and all items needing repair are included in the claim. With daily contact with the insurance companies we work with them to move claims along the process to get a settlement and arrange for the repairs to be conducted by one of our highly trusted builders who are fully licensed, insured and qualified for these works to get the job completed as quickly as possible for you.

Why Choose Us


Full Damage Assessment Report

Our team will come to you and conduct a complete damage assessment report to confirm if you have a valid claim to put forward. We provide this completely FREE of Charge.


Negotiations and Follow Up

We manage all the negotiations regarding the claim on your behalf and even follow up with them almost daily to ensure the fastest result for your claim and completion.

Three professionals in uniform and hardhats standing on construction site

Expert Builders

We are partnered with only the best fully qualified,  licensed, insured builders to take care of all your repairs for you Stress Free.

Expert Team


Our CEO has been in business for 7 years now with up to 50 team members managing multi million dollar contracts, ensuring customer satisfaction quality was delivered on the job.

General Manager

Our Managing Director has over 5 years experience managing customers claims and dealing with insurance companies so there is no wool they can pull over our eyes when it comes to what they do and do not cover or cash settlement prices.

Claims Manager

Our Claims Manager has several hundred claims under his belt dealing every day with the long wait times and industry lingo or jargon the insurance companies use so he knows how to talk their talk but be doing it with YOUR interests in scope not theirs.